Saved By Science – The Hope and Promise of Synthetic Biology

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My critically acclaimed, easy-to-understand book that examines the many crises facing humanity while offering the promise of an emerging solution: synthetic biology.


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In Saved by Science, scientist Dr. Mark J. Poznansky examines the many crises facing humanity while encouraging us with the promise of an emerging solution: synthetic biology. This is the science of building simple organisms or “biological apps,” to make manufacturing greener, energy production more sustainable, agriculture more robust, and medicine more powerful and precise. Accessible and informative, Saved by Science provides readers with hope for the future.



“In this energetic and optimistic book, Poznansky, former CEO of the Ontario Genomics Institute, shows how synthetic biology can be used to contend with major issues involving health, food, and the environment.”

Kirkus Reviews

“Saved by Science is a terrific gateway into the fascinating world of synthetic biology. It outlines why we need these new genetic superpowers more than ever if we are to solve global challenges and continue our most exciting explorations, such as establishing thriving colonies on Mars.”

Andrew Hessel, Founder and President of Humane Genomics

“Over the next few decades, we will learn how to edit life-forms by altering their DNA much as we now edit stories and books using ABCs. Poznansky gives a sense of what this might mean for medicine, food, climate and a myriad of human endeavors and challenges. He does so with grace and ease, such that any curious mind can comprehend.”

Juan Enriquez, Author of As The Future Catches You and Co-author of Evolving Ourselves

“Synthetic biology promises to be the next important step in our application of DNA. Mark Poznansky not only introduces us to the incredible potential of constructing novel living organisms, but also provides the context to ensure that the inevitable debate will be constructive.” 

Jay Ingram, Science Writer and Broadcaster

CAD $24.99

24 in stock